Google Crisis Response For Japan
If you have family, friends or co-workers who were in Japan during the 8.9-9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit on March 11th, with the tsunami that quickly followed; here is all the contact info that you'll need.  Also listed are the ways you can help and what you can do...
Japan’s Earthquake Shifted The Balance Of The Planet
Doesn't something like this mean the Earth could eventually spin out of control?  Japan's earthquake, like the others before it, has managed to shift the earth off of it's balance and have moved shorelines closer by about 13 feet.  Japan is now that much closer to the United States...
New Satellite Pictures Show Japan Earthquake Damage
New satellite images of the earthquake and tsunami devastation in Japan have become available through Google’s GeoEye system. The LA Times has a photo gallery of ground-level images on their website, but if you install Google Earth on your computer you can see bird's eye view pictures with the links provided as starting points...
Massive Earthquake, Tsunami Strike Japan; Effects Expected Around the Globe
Hundreds have been found or are presumed dead after a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami tore through Japan's northeast coast. Some are already declaring the 8.9 magnitude quake the largest ever recorded and after-effects are expected to hit the west coast of the US, the Phillippines, Indonesia and other vulnerable spots. The Internet has sped into action, using Twitter to report updates and G
American Burgers Hit Japan
The McDonald's Japan "Big America 2" campaign kicked off last week.  Four new hamburgers are being introduced to give the Japanese people a taste of The States.