Taxes Down To The Wire
It's kind of like when you're running late to go somewhere, but after you lock up the house, you feel an urgent need to unlock the door and go back inside to make sure you haven't left the lights on or the stove on or the refrigerator door open or something...
Taxes. What, Me Worry?
Who says we are concerned about the things we report to the IRS?   Really, what are the odds of an audit?
Six out of ten people taking part in the OfficeMax 2011"Tax it to Me" survey admit they're worried about being audited.  By comparison, 35-percent are less nervous about going to the …
And A Merry Christmas To You, Mr. Potter
IRS decided to come out today and "warn" us that our tax refunds will be, how can I say this, delayed.   And a Merry Christmas To You Too!  Here's why... because they always do have a reason don't they.