Scam IRS Phone Calls Plaguing West Michigan Residents
It seems like every tax season we see another IRS scam or two pop up in the area, but things seem to be worse this year in West Michigan.
Several different police agencies have issued warnings about the calls this year, and the folks at FOX-17 decided to investigate...
Tax Refund This Year? What Did You do With it?
It's one our favorite times of the year, tax time! Yes, the filing of those exciting tax returns.
How did you do this year? Did you owe something? Maybe you got a refund. And, if so, what happened to it? Spend or save, that is the question.
Tips to Avoid IRS Scams This Tax Season
It's not hard to believe that tax season is a scary time.
We're all stressed out over tax filing. What is hard to believe is the new component of tax time, identity theft and scams. We're hearing more and more stories about peoples refunds already taken by a scammer.
Michigan State Police Warns Residents of IRS Scam
The Michigan State Police have issued a warning regarding a telephone scam using the IRS as a cover.
Police are saying that scammers have been using fake names and IRS badge numbers to intimidate victims into wiring money to pay off IRS debts. The scammers have threatened victims with audits, arrests…
Need Tax Help? United Way Might be Your Answer
The tax return deadline is almost here.  And, yes, this is one of the most stressful times of the year.  You have to pull all of your records together, that is if you can remember where they are.  Then you get the forms, which don't make any sense to you, and try to fill them out.  I'm telling you, …
Tax Day FREEBIES! Where Can You Get Em’?
Officially Tax Day is April 15th but not this year!  This year it's later and it has nothing to do with any kind of  government shutdown or anything.  Emancipation Day, which usually falls on April 16, is being observed in Washington, D.C on April 15th...
It’s Tax Time! To do, or Not to do Your Own Taxes
It's everybody's favorite time of the year, TAX time.  Well, not exactly, but this is the time we all begin pulling things together to do our returns, and, hopefully, get money back.
The real question is, however, should I do them myself or have a professional do them for me...
Taxes Down To The Wire
It's kind of like when you're running late to go somewhere, but after you lock up the house, you feel an urgent need to unlock the door and go back inside to make sure you haven't left the lights on or the stove on or the refrigerator door open or something...
Taxes. What, Me Worry?
Who says we are concerned about the things we report to the IRS?   Really, what are the odds of an audit?
Six out of ten people taking part in the OfficeMax 2011"Tax it to Me" survey admit they're worried about being audited.  By comparison, 35-percent are less nervous about going to the …
And A Merry Christmas To You, Mr. Potter
IRS decided to come out today and "warn" us that our tax refunds will be, how can I say this, delayed.   And a Merry Christmas To You Too!  Here's why... because they always do have a reason don't they.