Improve Your Smart Phone Pictures for Free
We all take pictures with our smart phones these day, don't we.  The phones themselves are getting better and better, and the cameras included in the phones are able to shoot some pretty remarkable pictures.
Do You Have A New Baby? There’s An App For that!
My wife and I are out of the baby business.  After 7 kids, mine and ours, we've 'been-there/done-that."
Now, our 'kids' are having their own kids, and it is fun to watch them go through the same things we went through.  Except, today, young parents have so many …
iPhone 4S Siri Voice Control Demonstration [VIDEO]
The Apple iPhone 4S came out yesterday with what has become a customary level of media fanfare. One worthy feature, while not exactly groundbreaking, is still very cool. It's the voice-controlled organizer and assistant, known as Siri.
New App Reminds Kids To Take Asthma Meds
WZZM 13's news partner, the  Grand Rapids Business Journal, has an article about a cool new way to make sure your kids are taking their meds.
Today, in the age of social media,  when it comes to effective reminders - critically important reminders - there may be no better wa…
iPhone Speculation is Heating Up the Summer
Apple is poised to launch a new iPhone product this fall, and the tech blogs are chomping at the bit.
I must confess, I'm as curious as anyone else about the next big thing, and the new iPhone which will likely release this fall has the world's attention for a few reasons.

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