New App Reminds Kids To Take Asthma Meds
WZZM 13's news partner, the  Grand Rapids Business Journal, has an article about a cool new way to make sure your kids are taking their meds.
Today, in the age of social media,  when it comes to effective reminders - critically important reminders - there may be no better wa…
Watch out! The Angry Birds are back!
Are you really "into" your cell phone?  Do you download apps, play games, etc.
I have to admit, I have "phone envy."  My cell phone gets calls, answers calls and texts.  That's it.  Seriously basic stuff.   Maybe one day I'll grow…
iPad teaches even “little ones!”
How's that "little one" of yours doing these days.  Playing, crawling, babbling.....reading?
You know, there have been a number of strange tactics employed when it comes to teaching babies and toddlers all there is to know about numbers, shapes and letters. So when Utah dad Mike Wilson deci…
Are Kids Safe On-Line?
In today's world, one of the major worries of parents is how do I keep my kids safe on-line.  It really is a problem and you hear so many horror stories that at times I'll bet parents can't help but think of "cutting the lines."
Christmas Apps for Kids
This holiday season you can find a slew of mobile applications geared to kids and Christmas.
Whether you’re looking for smart ways to entertain youngsters while you’re traveling, or could use some less expensive (yet fun) Christmas presents for children, you should che…
iPad for Christmas?
The Apple iPad is great, but if you buy one right now, might you regret not having waited for the ever-looming, just-out-of-reach, super cool, technological temptation-from-the-future, next version?
Here's a possible peek from USA Today...