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Hudsonville Ice Cream Wants Your Help Coming Up with a New Flavor!
If you're an ice cream lover and you're from Michigan than chances are you've had Hudsonville Ice Cream. They're known for having flavors that are Michigan-inspired and now they need YOUR help creating a new one.
On the company's Facebook page it says that they are running a contest until May 26th ca…
Vote for New Hudsonville Ice Cream Flavor
What does winter taste like in West Michigan?
I know, it's only July, we shouldn't even be thinking about winter yet! But what if it involves ice cream?
Hudsonville Ice Cream and Pure Michigan have teamed up to find a new flavor for the winter season. Cast your vote for what you think should…
Hudsonville Ice Cream Introduces A New Ice Cream Flavor
It's Fall, and not usually a time that ice cream dominates our minds as it may do in the summer.
But, today, I can't help myself, because Hudsonville Ice Cream is introducing one new flavor and bringing back two longtime favorites – just in time for fall.
Oh, my.....holy "tin …