The Oscars Are Sunday; Are You Excited? [Video]
Movie fans everywhere are counting down the days -- and hours -- until the Academy Awards are handed out.
Who or what will win? Surprises or nope, not really?
We've waited for more than a month since the nominees were announced. The Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards have already been…
And the Oscar Nomination Goes to …
Did you watch the announcement?  The nominees are in for 2014's top movie award, the Oscar.
You could have watched it live, here on 100.5 The River's website.
Missed it, huh.  Let me catch you up to date.
Emmy Award had Several Suprises
Neil Patrick said it best at last night's 2013 Prime-Time Emmy Awards, "This just in. Nobody in America is winning their Emmy office pool. Surprises galore,"
He wasn't kidding. The Emmys telecast had a number of upsets, defying conventional wisdom in several categories, in…
Heather Locklear, Demi Moore, A More Beautiful You!
Heather Locklear and Demi Moore have been in the news recently.  Hospitalized for a number of fictitious reasons but the vouyeristic public can see some of the real reasons bubbling to the surface.  All one has to do is look at Demi Moore's gaunt appearance to know she is fighting som…
And the Oscar Goes to…..
The 83rd Oscar nominations are in.  Are there any surprises, some sure things?  You make the call.
Here are the Best Actor and Best Actress nominations along with supporting role nominations, and Best Picture.  What do you think?

- Demián Bichir
- George Clooney
- Jean Dujardin
- Gary Oldman
- Brad Pitt
- …
And The Winner Is…From The Golden Globes Last Night
Here are the "5 Biggest Jaw Droppers Of The Evening" I gotta tell you Ricky Gervais managed to start off the Golden Globe's Show mean spirited and continued throughout the night with cynicism.  I can safely say he was my least favorite host of the Golden Globes EVER.…