holiday shopping

Stores with the Best Return Policies in West Michigan
While the mall and stores are currently filled with holiday shoppers, pretty soon it will be the opposite.
The day after Christmas is the unofficial holiday of "Returning Day" (I just made that up). You get a gift you don't like so you head to the store to return it o…
Tonight is the “Uptown Holiday Shop Hop”
It's an annual affair, and a wonderful and exciting time to support LOCAL during the "Uptown Holiday Shop Hop."
The neighborhood districts of Eastown, East Fulton, East Hills and Wealthy Districts, make tonight, Thursday, December 6th, a wonderful opportunity for you to sh…
Holiday Shop Hop Is Thursday
Did you cyber shop yesterday during cyber Monday?  How about the days before, Black Friday and the like?
Bargains are everywhere,  but especially locally.  And, by locally I mean "local" stores.  Small, Grand Rapids businesses with some of the best, and unique it…