Guinness Book of World Records

Ludington Restaurant Breaks a World Record!
Ludington is now in the Guinness Book of World Records!
House of Flavors restaurant found out on Wednesday that they set the record for the "world's longest ice cream dessert." In June, the restaurant attempted to break the previous record by setting up eight blocks of an …
Doctors Say Biggest Baby Ever Seen In 20,000 Births!
That headline reads like something you might see on the front page of The Globe or The National Enquirer doesn't it?  Ginormous baby enters the world, born to an alien mother.  But this is the real deal.  Cynthia Sigler has known for some time now that she was going to have a big…
Taylor Swift Sets Another Record
Taylor Swift is amazing.  She has already had an unbelievable career, one most singers only dream about, in just a few years.  And, most people feel she has only just begun.  And, to think, she won't turn 22 until December.