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Cute Cat Video for all cat Lovers [Video]
Our weather is pretty good, all things considered. We had the warmest first part of November we have ever had, and this weekend is wonderful with some sunshine and a high of 50ish. However, in Scotland, they're beginning to see snow flurries. Tell this cat it isn't true.
Mother Dog Finds a New Way to Get Her Pup Around [Video]
We have a lot of four-legged visitors to our studios. Each week, the Humane Society of West Michigan brings in a 'way-too-cute' four-legged critter, dog, cat, bunny, etc., for our Wet Nose Wednesday segment. We talk about the pet, the needs of the Humane Society, and more, to encourage pet…
Give a Balloon to a dog and Watch it go [Video]
It doesn't take a lot to keep a dog entertained and happy. A little food, a little play, a lot of love and attention, and they're a fine and happy dog.
In Rose the Boston Terrier's case, just give her a balloon and she's really happy.

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