LaughFest Recruiting Talent for Free Showcases Next Year
Gilda’s LaughFest, the nation’s only community-wide festival of laughter, is recruiting talent to participate in free community showcases during LaughFest 2014. Individuals of all ages, and groups of any size, are encouraged to showcase their talents during Gilda&Clos…
Over 50,000 People Attented LaughFest 2013
Job well done, guys!  2013 was a very, very good year for the nation’s only ten day community-wide festival of laughter, Gilda’s LaughFest.  That is because they had more than 53,000 admissions during the third annual event.
Monday Morning Fun With a Monday Morning Pun
I'm a sucker for quick, one liner type jokes and puns.  I love them...they make me laugh...they make me happy.  They're groaners and "laughers," I know, but they always put a smile on my face.  And, on a Monday morning, I would say a smile-on-your-face is a…
LaughFest Wants to set a World’s Record
LaughFest is almost here.  It kicks off on March 8th and runs for 10 days, until March 18th, in Grand Rapids.
The LaughFest folks want to get it started in record style, Guinness World Record style.  How?  Laughing, of course, by having the most people wearing animal noses.  Every…
Gilda’s Club Announces LaughFest Lineup
Gilda's Club of Grand Rapids announced their 2012 lineup for LaughFest and it's a big one running March 8 - 18, 2012!
After a record breaking inaugural year you'd think it would be hard to top Betty White, Bill Cosby and the like. But LaughFest #2 looks equally exciting...
The Man Without a Facebook [VIDEO]
Hey, I hope you're enjoying the weekend. Facebook is a great way to stay connected with your co-workers until Monday, but maybe you'd rather disconnect and savor your privacy for two days.
It's a trade-off.
Friday – Literal Video Version
We waited patiently for it all month, and it's finally here.
It's David A. Scott's literal translation of the legendary Rebecca Black Video, Friday.
If you've never heard the song, there are a lot of people out there who envy you.

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