Christmas Tree

Ice Skating at Rosa Parks Circle Starts Friday!
We have officially entered the month of December and that means a bunch of winter activities to look forward to. Ice skating is obviously one of the favorites and this Friday, 12/2, ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle in Downtown Grand Rapids will open for the season...
Sad Day…The Christmas Tree and Decorations Came Down
It was a sad day in the Rent household yesterday, Sunday.  We took the Christmas Tree and all the decorations down. I'm really sentimental and absolutely love the holidays, putting the lights up outside, decorating the tree, I spend a lot of time on that, and decorating the whole house.  It looks great when we finish, and has a feeling of real joy.
Rick DeVos And LZ Granderson Debate Christmas Tree Delivery
On November 27, Rick DeVos took to Twitter to find a Grand Rapids area company that delivers Christmas trees. CNN and ESPN columnist LZ Granderson tweeted back in disbelief. Granderson, a Grand Rapids resident, was strongly opposed to losing a part of Christmas tradition to a delivery service.
Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh! Here’s How…
This is the time of the year when we bring a little bit of the outside, inside our homes.  I'm talking about a Christmas tree!  Sure you've probably heard about all the tips on keeping your Christmas tree fresh.  There's sugar in the water, the presevatives that some of the nurseries sell,  and making sure you NEVER let the water go down below the base of the tree...

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