children videos

Daddy, You're Too Funny [Video]
If this Tuesday is a tough day for you, then watching this video is the perfect medicine.
This little girl laughs at her dad every time he tries to tell her what snow is and where it comes from. Daddy's funny!
A Child's Milestones are Priceless [Video}
We love our kids tons, right? Our grandkids are priceless. It's especially heartwarming to be able to enjoy each "milestone" of our kids lives. You know, saying their first word, taking their first step, going potty for the first time.
However, I think one of the cutest milesto…
Three-month-old Baby Speaks [Video]
Here is my Tuesday morning awww moment with this pretty amazing video. A three-month-old baby has gone viral for speaking his first words.
This father was able to catch the incredible moment his little baby boy said "I love you."