ArtPrize App Review
ArtPrize launched their new mobile app yesterday. This year's app brings back one of last year's new additions, ArtPrize Lists. Take a look at all of the features of the new ArtPrize app.
The ArtPrize App – ArtPrize Spotlight 2013
With 1,524 entries at 169 venues, getting around ArtPrize takes a little work.
You need a map, a list of artists, venue hours, and don't forget to register to vote and activate your account.
Get the ArtPrize app and you'll be all set.
A Smart App For Your SmartPhone
Coming up on the middle of the month, many of us have to submit travel receipts and vouchers in order to get paid. There are countless methods of record keeping, none of which I've been very good at... until now. If you travel or do business and have to keep track of paperwork and expenses, c…
New iPhone App Lets You Dial With Your Nose
Can't dial through your woolen mittens? Leather gloves keeping you from texting? Pssht. NoseDial, a new iPhone app from German company Buhmann Marketing allows you to navigate the phone's touchscreen features with your nose instead of your hands.
City of Grand Rapids Mobile App
The City of Grand Rapids has a new app available for your Android mobile phone or iPhone.
It's designed to make it easy to report potholes, streetlight outages, damage to city property and other problems.