Steve Buscemi is one of the most recognizable actors currently in the industry.  But did you know that before he was an actor, he was a fire fighter with Engine Company No. 55 in New York City?  Buscemi fought fires from 1980 to 1984 before receiving his first acting roll in 1986 as Nick in 'Parting Glances.'

Almost 2 decades later, Buscemi would put on his fire cap again and help the rescue effort during 9/11.  The day after the World Trade Centers fell, he arrived at his old fire house and volunteered for the relief effort.  Buscemi worked 12 hour shifts for a week straight, digging through the rubble looking for survivors and lost firefighters.

A few years later Buscemi returned to that same firehouse yet again, but this time he was protesting it's closure.  He was arrested along with 12 others on May 25, 2003 because of the protests.

[Source: Wikipedia]

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