The Academy of Combat and Movement Education (ACME) will open tonight, September 9th, 2013, at Dog Story Theater, offering training classes in movement and the execution of violence for the stage.Fighting on stage can look so real if done properly, but it takes a lot of training to pull it off.  Tell the truth, haven't you always wanted to throw those punches, toss a chair, break a bottle over someones head?  Sure you have, but not for real, but just like they do it in the movies or on stage.
Instructor Steven Schwall is an Advanced Actor Combatant certified by the Society of American Fight Directors, currently proficient in all eight weapon disciplines, with Recommended status in five, and has choreographed over 20 productions, including several for Dog Story regulars The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company.
Admission to classes is open to anyone over the age of 18.

Attendance may be on single nights, or monthly and quarterly tuition may be purchased.
Classes are Monday evenings from 7-9pm at Dog Story Theater, 7 Jefferson, SE in downtown Grand Rapids.  You can email for more information at Dog Story Theater