The best way to deal with winter weather in Michigan is to enjoy it, as these kids did, surfing behind their parents car.

Full disclosure: I'm sure this activity is illegal, but as someone who often rode the bumpers of cars around my neighborhood as a kid, I'm not gonna narc on them. To me this is just pure winter fun.

Two videos posted over the snowy weekend shows two kids snow boarding behind a car as they traversed the snow covered streets of Beer City.

It appears both videos involve the same kids.

The first was posted to the Creston neighborhood Facebook page by Kip Babcock Friday night as the kids turned into a neighborhood street off of Plainfield. Kip even set the video to the Beach Boys 'Surfin USA' to add some context.

the same two kids appeared to be at it against early Saturday, as this Grand Rapids subreddit poster showed them cruising down Union Avenue.

Pure Michigan spotted on Union :) from r/grandrapids


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