Do you shop at Sam's Club?

If you do, the company made an announcement that will affect how you leave the store with your items at all the Michigan locations.

For people who are not a fan of A.I., you will not like this announcement at all.

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What Changes Are Coming To Michigan Sam's Clubs?

One of the biggest complaints the company received from its customers is that waiting in lines and checking out items takes forever.

With the long checkout lines, customers have to wait for a Sam's Club employee to check their carts before leaving the store.

Sam's Club To Close Over 60 Stores
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So, Sam's Club decided to make some changes for disgruntled customers.

Earlier this week, Sam's Club announced they will install A.I. equipment to scan your items when you check out their stores.

Roughly 20% of their 599 locations already have this A.I. technology installed in their stores.

Before this new A.I. technology, Sam Club's members were slowed down by the member specialists reviewing their receipts and examining their carts.

So, Sam Club started their A.I. pilot program.

In their pilot program, Sam's Club allowed its customers to leave the store 23% faster than the traditional checkout process.

So, they intend to make the switch across the country by the end of the year.

This technology is meant to be "a natural extension" of using Scan & Go at the checkout, fuel stations, and Cafe.

However, I wonder how this will affect the employees of Sam's Club that are currently there. Will this new A.I. technology take their jobs?

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