It is a big night for Detroit Lions fans!

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Where is the farthest you have traveled for a football game?

I bet these fans have you beat!

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Australian Detroit Lions Fans

With the success of the Detroit Lions' season so far, it makes sense why so many people want to witness it in person.

Houston Texans v Detroit Lions
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However, traveling from Australia may be the farthest anyone has traveled to see them.

On the Detroit Lion's True Fans Page, Michigan Needs shared that he is traveling from Australia to America for the first time as a bucket list moment.

"almost there ... first trip from Australia to America to tick off the bucket list and come watch my Lion's ... we are so excited and can't wait for Monday night ... put the beers on ice Detroit"

From the shared screenshot of the map from Australia to the US, it is 17,976 km ( 11169.769 miles) to travel for Michael Needs.

Michael Needs Facebook
Michael Needs Facebook

As anyone would be, people in the comments are amazed and shocked about his dedication to the team.

One commenter, Mary Jane Badurina, asked the question we all want to know.

"How did you become a lions fan all the way from Australia? I’m sooo curious ."

While others have been extremely excited for Michael's bucket list moment, Diane Elizabeth shared,

"Yesssssss!!!!! Welcome to the D! You’re going to love being at the game!"

I love this comment section because people even shared where Michael should get food for the big day.
 "If you want any advice about places to go, restaurants, etc...let me know I'm happy to give you some great ideas while your here!"
"Make sure to check out Eminem’s “Moms Spaghetti” restaurant, my brother took his wife and kids to a baseball game in Detroit in the summer and said it was really good."

Detroit Lions Monday Nighter

Tonight, the Detroit Lions will be going against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Since the Lions have a current record of 5-2 against the Raiders' record of 3-4, we can only hope they win.

It would be great if this game was a blowout so that Michael could go back home to Australia with an exciting win to talk about.

Flint's Gary Campioni - Detroit Lions Super Fan

Flint's Gary Campioni - Detroit Lions Super Fan

Gallery Credit: Gary Campioni

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