A woman who went missing from the Detroit area seven years ago has miraculously been found, calling out to family members from a Motel in Inkster earlier this week.

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The victim's stepmother received a call on Monday (2/26) from the woman who said she was being held against her will at the Evergreen Motel on Michigan Ave. in Inkster. The stepmother immediately notified Detroit police.

Woman Disappeared in 2017

Police are not releasing the woman's name at this time, but tell Detroit's WXYZ-TV that she walked away from her family in 2017 and hadn't been heard from since. The woman was in her 20s at the time of her disappearance and is now in her 30s.

Police are unsure if the woman left her family voluntarily, but haven't deemed the situation as a case of kidnapping. They do, however, believe the woman may have been a victim of human trafficking.

Found Safe in a Motel Room in Inkster

Officers approached the motel on Monday, saying they heard a "crying, kind of screaming type of noise." The woman was found alone in the room and say drugs and a weapon were present.

Mike Shaw is a lieutenant with the Michigan State Police. He says police are continuing to investigate the situation.

"We’ll kind of look at what’s next, right... interview her if a crime did take place such as human trafficking or is it a domestic violence situation or is it different," Shaw said. “I don’t want to use the word kidnapping like somebody grabbed her and took her to that place. It may have started out as a relationship that turns into being held against your will and being trafficked.”

Police say they are looking into one person in particular, but don't have a suspect in custody.

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