Answering your door for anyone in 2024 can sometimes feel a little risky, as our level of trust just isn't what it once was. Many Michigan residents simply don't feel comfortable not knowing who's on the other side of that door.

What if the police come knocking? While it seems like answering your door for the police is harmless, it may not be. How do you really know it's the police and not someone impersonating them to gain access to your home?

Let's be real, a knock on the door from the police can be a bit intimidating, even if you did nothing wrong at all.

Are You Required by Law to Answer Your Door for Police?

In Michigan, you are not obligated by law to answer the door for police. According to The Law Office of Michael Austin Stewart, you can ignore the knock or step outside and close the door behind you.

You might believe that, if the police knock on your door, you have an obligation to answer it. That is not the case. Opening your door provides police the opportunity to see inside your home and potentially find probable cause to enter based on something in plain view or reasonable suspicion.

Look, if the police come to your door and you did nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, there should be no issue whatsoever. However, if you did something wrong and you are hiding it, you've got a problem.

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