Michigan provides a wide array of dining options. From fine dining to food trucks, the Great Lakes state puts its own unique flavor in most dishes.

With that said it's safe to say you're reading this article for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. You're curious about what bugs in Michigan are edible but, also wonder how hungry one would have to be to do it.
  2. You're a planner and planners plan on what can't be planned for so, when the unplanned happens you'll have a plan in place.
  3. You're actually lost in the woods and you're searching for bugs that are edible in Michigan. Congrats, you have a signal, call for help and then come back to finish planning for lunch

In some countries, our bugs are considered delicacies. In Mexico 'jumiles' have been a treat since pre-Columbian times. They eat them alive or toast them up on a skillet and say that the taste is similar to cinnamon mixed with mint. Think about that the next time you're flushing that stinkbug down the toilet.


11 Edible Insects Found in Michigan's Woods

Our forests are filled with other cultures' delicacies, like chapulines. After all, they are full of protein and make the perfect topping for yogurt or as stand-alone 'chips'. Chapulines, or as we refer to them, grasshoppers, are so popular in some countries that there is even talk of offering them at ballparks.

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So as you find yourself foraging in the woods for something to eat, or scouring the internet for something to read while you look busy at your desk, let's take a look at Michigan's mini-crawling buffet.

11 Bugs You Can Survive On (Eat) If Lost in the Wilds of Michigan

In the event your GPS sends you wildly off course and you find yourself stranded deep in the heart of Michigan's vast forests, rest assured you can survive, nay, thrive on a diet of insects and other creatures found underfoot, underground, and under logs.

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