Not all crimes are violent. Some are just plain crafty. One of the latest ploys targets drivers at the gas pump, involves multiple thieves, a dropped wallet, or other valuables, and is being done in broad daylight.

What Are Sliders and Why Are Gas Stations Their Targets

Drivers will often time put valuable items on the passenger seat when traveling alone, like your purse. We do this without thinking, it's almost instinctual. I put my wallet on the console when I'm on a long road trip. How many cars have you been in that have coins and money in the cup holder? Our cars are our mobile sanctuaries and we don't often think about that privacy being invaded.

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One of the latest plots involves 'sliders'. Sliders usually work in teams of three or more. The first, and usually only there you'll meet, is when you are at the gas pump. They will more than likely be on the opposite side of the pump you're using and will engage you in conversation or point out a 'dropped wallet' or other item and ask if it is yours.

Donny Jiang via Unsplash
Donny Jiang via Unsplash

If you become distracted enough, the slider will pullup in another car on the passenger side of your vehicle, get out of their car, open the door you have your back to, slide in to take your valuables, hop back into the getaway car, and you are none the wiser.

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Many won't discover they've been robbed until they get home or try to put a credit card back in their wallet or purse. By the time they realize they've been robbed the crime has been pulled off and the suspects are well out of the area.

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So what can you do to avoid tactics like this? Travel risk trainer Kevin Coffey offered these tips and more to Fox News:

1. Lock your car doors when you're getting gas.

2. Don't leave valuables where they can be easily seen or taken, lock them in the trunk if possible.

3. Be aware of your environment at all times.

4. Avoid outside pumps at gas stations as 'sliders' target these for an easy getaway.

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