WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

It’s not a Holiday Inn, or the Grand Hotel, Best Western, Drury’s, Radisson..…but it was once obviously a very nice place to spend the night…..at less-than-swanky prices, I assume.

Looking at the images of the insides of this now-devastated motel, it looks like somewhere I would’ve liked to have stayed. Winding staircases, beautiful lobby, wrought-iron bar doors, plenty of windows that bring in the daylight, balcony overlooking the lobby, arched doorways and windows…..now littered with ripped mattresses, broken tables and chairs, litter and more debris.

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Unfortunately, and to my dismay, there were a good many comments online about how awful this place was and how terrible it was to stay there.

According to The Modern Frontiersmen, this place was purchased in 2009 for $625,000. Ten years later, the owner was forced to close after his license had already been suspended in 2016 for failing building inspections…..not to mention various battles with township officials over reconstruction issues.

This abandoned motel sits just off I-75 in Saginaw County, right across the road from another abandoned motel. It appears that it could be salvaged, saved, and reconstructed to once again become a viable business.

I did an earlier article on this place, but now here are even more inside photos to get a better look…and to better imagine what it was once like. The gallery below contains still shots that take you thru the entire place, top to bottom, basement, laundry room, and more.

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