Michigan's pretty big, but in America, it's still only the 22nd largest state. When you're competing with states like Alaska, Texas, and California, it's hard to boast about your size.

But, around the world, Michigan is still considered pretty large, and is actually larger than some pretty significant countries that you've DEFINITELY heard of, and many of them COMBINED aren't as big as Michigan.

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Michigan boasts the 22nd largest size in the United States. We have 56,591 square miles of land, and 40,097 square miles of water, giving us a grand total of 96,716 square miles to cover across the entire territory. It would take almost a full day to drive from Ironwood in the Upper Peninsula, to the border on Lake Erie, into Toledo.

For America, that's still pretty achievable, however, it's enough to make people from other countries around the world simply exhausted. They just can't comprehend how BIG things are in the United States, and we wanted to compare just how big we were to other countries in the world.

So we can get an accurate measurement, we have to convert to kilometers, so 96,716 sq. miles becomes 250,493 sq. kilometers. And just for landmass and water coverage purposes, we're looking now at 146,570 sq. kilometers of land, and 103,850 sq. kilometers of water.

Right away, Michigan is larger than most African nations, just shy of Western Sahara at 266,000 sq. kilometers, Michigan is next in line, above the west African country of Guinea at 245,857 sq. kilometers.

Michigan bigger than Guinea

And right below them, the entire United Kingdom, which is only 244,376 sq. kilometers. So driving from Detroit to Ironwood, would be like driving from London to the most northern reaches of Scotland.

So what other major countries is Michigan larger than? There's some surprising perspective in this list.

Michigan is Shockingly Larger Than These 36 Countries

Gallery Credit: Canva/Google Maps

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