Michigan is home to spiders that are more than just creepy, they're poisonous.

There are lots and lots of spiders in the Mitten State.  SpiderID.com says that Michigan has at least 44 unique species of spiders.  For the most part, we have nothing to fear from these eight-legged aliens.  However, there are 2 spiders we should keep an eye out for.

Poisonous Spiders in Michigan

The Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse
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Reports of humans getting bites from Brown Recluse spiders are rare but dangerous according to Griffin Pest Solutions,

This spider is known for its venomous bite, which can cause tissue damage and necrosis. However, Brown Recluse bites are relatively rare in Michigan, and most suspected cases turn out to be caused by other factors.

The fact is, the Brown Recluse will go out of its way to avoid human contact.  However, getting bit by this spider is dangerous.  They are called the "flesh-eating spiders."

The Black Widow

Black Widow

Are Black Widow bites as deadly as they sound?  These bites can be very painful but rarely deadly according to poison.org,

Black widow spider bites often are painful right away. After a bad bite, severe pain and muscle cramps can start in a couple of hours. Pain and muscle cramps can be treated. Antivenin is available but is needed only rarely.

A Black Widow bite is not on my menu, deadly or not.


False Widow Spiders

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