While I am a big fan of modern design, you can't get away from where you started either... unless you are in Detroit apparently.

A historic building out of Detroit built back in 1923, has seen 100 years of history. Could that be coming to an end?

Could We Lose The Pochelon Building?

If you've been to downtown Detroit, you may know exactly what building I'm talking about. It has a neoclassical design and definitely shows the era it is from.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Its most noticeable features are the gargoyles on the building and the fact it is currently abandoned.

Certain Artifacts Are Being Removed From The Building

In a sad turn of events, it appears that certain pieces from the building such as the mighty gargoyles are being removed very slowly from the building.

According to a post from the HistoricDetroit.org on Facebook, the building's demise was talked about for a few years to make room for the Bedrock's Monroe Block Project, which since has been slowed down.

Google Maps
Google Maps

At one point in time, the building may have been rather tall for the time it was built but is currently shrowded around the modern skyscrapers Detroit calls home.

The Disappointment

Let's be real here. While I am all for change and think it is necessary, there are just some things I'd hate to see go. And a building such as this, with architecture far since left from modern designs, I think this is a must-stay in Detroit.

The people in the post I found, didn't seem to disappointed and hoped the gargoyles would go to good use elsewhere.

From the point of view of Detroit, though, I do understand wanting to step away from buildings that have been left abandoned for years, as it doesn't look well for the city.

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