It kind of comes with the territory in big cities. There are bound to be unkept corners of the city, places that are harder to live in more than others. And after years and years of mismanagement, it's hard to recover.

Of course, for every dirty inch of a city, there's bound to be a solid place where things aren't so bleak. So for the city that was found to be a top-5 dirtiest city in America, we know there are bright spots worth exploring and enjoying.

That said, a study from Lawn Starter took the 152 largest cities in the country and ranked them from cleanest to dirtiest, and the two Michigan cities that were a part of the study landed on opposite ends of the spectrum.

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Detroit was named the 4th-dirtiest city in America, only outdone by San Bernardino, California, Newark, New Jersey, and the dirtiest city in the country, Houston, Texas.

The study compiled scores based on pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction, nearly all of which Detroit scored poorly in.

Detroit did have a solid ranking for infrastructure, ranking 89th (a lower ranking is a good thing in all categories in this study). That is somewhat surprising in the way you may initially think when it comes to roads and schools and such. The infrastructure Lawn Starter took into account was more centered around waste management and landfills, which Detroit is apparently well-suited for.

While living conditions didn't score particularly well, landing at 35 seems like a win for Detroit. Certainly, there is a lot of room for improvement here. Detroit definitely has a reputation for poor and dangerous environments, but it would seem most living spaces are cleaner than what may be expected.

Where Detroit really struggled was pollution, which ranked ninth-worst, and consumer satisfaction, which was fourth-worst in the study. While the high infrastructure ranking would indicate cleaner air, an abundance of smokers, fuel consumption, and poor water quality is sure to undo those efforts.

as for consumer satisfaction, so much of this portion of the study can be placed on Detroit's poor reputation as it was entirely taken from residential polls which no doubt would show disapproval in several areas in the city.

Detroit is on the rise in many ways and still has a long way to go.

As for the other Michigan city on the list, Grand Rapids was recognized as one of the cleanest cities in the study landing at No. 128. Grand Rapids scored well in every area except consumer satisfaction. It seems things are better in Grand Rapids than its residents are led to believe.

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