Could this tribute be any sweeter?!

If you're anything like me, Chandler Bing from Friends was your favorite character. He was a lovable goof that got the girl and had great friends. While personally everything always seems to come up like Ross, my comfort in watching hours of Friends reruns was in Chandler's story and jokes.

That's why it was so sad when Matthew Perry, the actor best known for his role as Chandler Bing, suddenly passed away Saturday. Perry was a wonderful comedian who brought hilarity to the show like none other.

With every shenanigan alongside Joey, his romance with Monica, and managing to be somewhat of a misfit in the group while also being a significant piece to the puzzle of the show, his character was easy to resonate with.

And that was just on camera. The blooper reels that circulate the internet today are slapped full of Perry sending the cast into an explosion of laughter, particularly when he mimicked others' mess-ups or highlighted his own.

Of course, when any celebrity passes away, fans find new and unique ways to pay their respects. With it being the Halloween season, one household in Michigan transformed their home's Halloween decorations into a massive tribute to Perry.

In the TikTok video below, a house in Michigan displays some of Chandler's best moments synced up to the Friends opening theme song. The light show synced to the video helps make the tribute all the more special.

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