Ask most people in the country, even just in the state of Michigan, if they've heard of the town of Eagle Harbor, Michigan, and they'll likely tell you that they haven't.

The small village, located on the north side of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, had a population of just 69 people in the 2020 census.

The tiny beach town is home to a lighthouse, like many of the towns along the Lake Superior shoreline. It's also home to the Life Saving Museum - a museum dedicated to the U.S. Life Saving Service which has since become a part of the U.S. Coast Guard.

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But, as you drive into town, you'll notice something else about it, and that is the town's claim that they are the "Home of Iggy Pop".

Dan J. Kauppi/YouTube
Dan J. Kauppi/YouTube

While it's unclear if Iggy himself ever resided in the small town, his parents, Louella and James Osterberg owned a cottage in Eagle Harbor and would spend their summers there.

A documentary on YouTube titled "Finding Iggy" details people's experiences with him in both Eagle Harbor and another town, just 14 miles east on M-26, Copper Harbor, which also claims Iggy Pop as its own.

Dan J. Kauppi/YouTube
Dan J. Kauppi/YouTube

Ed Tulppo, a resident and business owner in Copper Harbor, took part in the documentary and talked about hanging out with Iggy (or Jim, as he calls him) when they were kids. They would swim, and run around, and do typical kid things, but also spend afternoons on the porch of a cabin playing the card game Old Maid. It was during those card games that Iggy eventually learned that Ed kept winning because he was cheating. (You can check out that story around the 7:15 mark of the video below.)

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So while technically, both towns could be the official 'Home of Iggy Pop', it's a title that they seem to be fine sharing.

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