Summer Traveling season is finally here, and you may have some big plans to get out and about. In fact, this memorial day weekend experts say we can expect to see the biggest travel spike since pre-COVID. Good news, if you're traveling through Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) this summer- buckle up for a pleasant surprise!

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Despite the chilly reputation that Michiganders might have, they're actually some of the best-behaved travelers you'll find in the skies. According to a survey by Solitaire Bliss, Michigan residents are among the most considerate travelers in the country, ranking as the #7 state with the least naughty travelers. So, if you're seated next to someone from Michigan on your flight, count yourself lucky!

We generally must hate the shenanigans of those budget airlines, because Michigan travelers report flying with Delta the most, enjoying the airline's service and reliability. Interestingly, Spirit Airlines is the carrier most associated with naughty behavior by Michigan residents. However, this doesn't reflect on the passengers from Michigan, who maintain their polite demeanor regardless of the airline they choose.

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We also believe that airline etiquette has taken a nosedive in recent years, with 70% of Michigan travelers lamenting the decline in courteous behavior. Despite this, we manage to keep our cool and set a good example.

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So, what are the top annoying behaviors that Michigan travelers notice? The list includes passengers reclining their seats without asking, loud phone conversations in the terminal, and people hogging extra seats by placing their bags on them. But don't worry—Michiganders themselves are generally not the culprits of these annoyances. We’re more likely to be quietly reading a book or catching up on some sleep.

So, the next time you're on a plane, and you find yourself seated next to someone from Michigan, relax. They're likely to be the friendliest and most respectful seatmates you'll encounter this summer. Happy travels!

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