I don't know about you, but right now it seems like the world is on fire.


It doesn't matter if I turn on the radio, tv or hop on social media, I'm constantly bombarded and overwhelmed by bad news.

War in the middle east, inflation, two old guy's running for president, the list can go on and on.

That's why when I saw this story I had to share it and hopefully spread some positivity across Michigan.

It involves a man known around Ionia, Michigan as "Panda Man"

Have You Seen "Panda Man" Walking Around Ionia?

Credit: jeremyzamarron via TikTok / Canva
Credit: jeremyzamarron via TikTok / Canva

In the city of Ionia, Michigan, a unique figure known as the "Panda Man" has been spreading joy and cheer among local residents.

Jeremy Zamarron, the man behind the panda head, has made it his mission to brighten people's days by walking the streets of Ionia a couple of times each week.

Wearing his distinctive panda head, Zamarron waves to passersby and brings smiles to the faces of those he encounters.

This simple and silly act of kindness has turned him into a local celebrity.

Zamarron's motivation for becoming the Panda Man stems from a desire to spread happiness and positivity in his community.

In a world often filled with stress and negativity, he sees his panda-headed walks as a way to bring a moment of lightheartedness and joy to others.

If you're hoping to spot 'Panda Man' According to WZZM 13 he usually begins his dancing at Geldhof Tire and Auto in Ionia and will walk down to the traffic light, going back and forth.

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