We love a comeback era!

We especially love it when we can bring a sense of fun back.

For the first time in 30 years, Copper Peak Ski Jump is making a return!

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Located in Ironwood in the U.P., Copper Peak Ski Jump is set to reopen for the first time since 1994.

Copper Peak via Facebook
Copper Peak via Facebook

After securing $20 million from the state of Michigan last year to help with the renovations, Copper Peak Ski Jump is planning to return in a big way.

Bob Jacquart, who is Copper Peak Ski Jump's Planning Committee Chairman, said,

"The last time [Copper Peak] was jumped was 1994 and the actual style of ski jumping, they glide differently now so the angle of the hill has to get significantly changed."

They plan to reopen Copper Peak as the only ski-flying hill in the world with a surface for year-round fun and the only ski-flying location that is not in Europe.

They plan to pour concrete on the jump's runway and landing to be able to host summer ski jumping.

"We will be the final event of the summer series which means we will crown the summer world champion."

With the largest ski jump in the Western Hemisphere, Cooper Peak's jump that measures at 469 feet is larger than most of the ski jumping hills shown during the Olympics.

For the Olympics, their hills typically range between 120 and 140 meters, however, Copper Peak takes the cake since the hill is sitting at 180 meters.

This makes Copper Peak crowned with the title of 'the sixth largest ski jump in the world.'

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