Olive Garden has always walked the line between feeling like a fancy restaurant and still knowing that it's pretty generic food. I think it's the fact that Olive Garden does the cheese shredding in front of you and you have to say "when" for them to stop.

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When I want to feel fancy on a budget, this is the first place I think to go. Olive Garden has always had a special place in my heart. I had one of my first alcoholic beverages at an Olive Garden; a glass of white wine that I'm sure was not anything exquisite but was a big deal to me.

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Darden Restaurant Chain Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings
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But the point still stands. Olive Garden stands out for a lot of people because of its freakishly good breadsticks and good enough Italian cuisine that those who love pasta will enjoy it. However, there is a pretty big change coming to Olive Garden that many customers in Michigan will not enjoy.

Inflation Strikes Again

Every American has been feeling the effects of inflation over the last couple of years, as everything from toilet paper to your favorite streaming service has seen their prices rise. Now, to the woe of wallets and stomachs everywhere, Olive Garden will be another business raising its prices. 


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In a recent earnings call, Darden Restaurants, Olive Garden's parent company, announced that the menu prices at all their restaurants would be increasing, with Olive Garden's prices expected to go up 2%-3%. Curiously, company officials announced their prices had actually been lower than they should have been over the last 5 years, undervaluing their products by about 20%.

Darden Restaurants Earnings Beat Expectations
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Though word has not been given on when the new prices will go into effect, it may be time to start stocking up on your breadsticks.

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