My favorite gimmick in older movies was always a convertible car with the big fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror. It was always such an extra thing to have to hang in someone's car because they're so big and block so much viewing space,


But you can't deny that the fuzzy dice are a total vibe. We got my dad a pair of those bad boys for Christmas one year, but we were always confused because he would hang them in his car but never from the rearview mirror where they belonged. When we'd ask him why he wasn't displaying them, he said "It's illegal to hang them."


Photo by Philip Stieber on Unsplash
Photo by Philip Stieber on Unsplash


So, is it really illegal to hang fuzzy dice, or anything for that matter, from your rearview mirror? The answer simple answer is yes, it is illegal. However, the law is pretty vague in its ruling.


The Price of Fuzzy Dice

I'll put myself on blast here: I have things hanging from my rearview mirror as I write this. A duck, a giraffe, and a frog to be exact (no joking). I love my little mirror friends. According to the law, specifically MCL - Section 257.709, says that

A person shall not drive a motor vehicle with . . . . [a] dangling ornament or other suspended object that obstructs the vision of the driver of the vehicle, except as authorized by law.”


That is pretty cut and dry and you should keep that mirror clear. However, Shelton Legal Services located here in Michigan would tell you not to be too quick to discard your "ornaments". Small items hanging from your mirror really aren't enough to get you pulled over.


However, they can be used as an excuse by some police to pull a "DWB" (Driving While Black) or a "DWY" (Driving While Young), meaning they use the dangling ornament as an excuse to profile and pull over people based on race, age, or vehicle type.


Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash


Overall though, while it is illegal to have things hanging from your mirror, the odds of being pulled over for it are slim at best. But it is still illegal at the end of the day.

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