A Grand Rapids man got to live his dream this past weekend when he was plucked from the crowd and invited to play on stage with The Killers in Detroit.

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Grand Rapids drummer Scott Hickok says he and his family are big fans of the rock band The Killers. He and his wife and daughter were amped to see them at Little Caesar's on Oct. 8.

Scott Hickok, Facebook
Scott Hickok, Facebook

The night was extra special because he'd originally bought tickets to the concert for his daughter's 18th birthday present way back in 2020... and then of course, the pandemic happened. The concert was then rescheduled... and the new date just happened to fall on his wife's birthday!

Scott says it was an awesome "way to celebrate my two favorite girls birthdays at once, and on a Saturday night in Detroit!"

Now, Scott has seen enough of The Killers' shows to know that there was a CHANCE he might get to play with them...

During live shows, The Killers will often invite someone from the crowd to be their guest drummer.

Scott shares on social media,

As a big fan of the band, I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos of live performances. I couldn’t help but notice that a few years ago the band started calling up drummers out of the crowd to play “For Reasons Unknown”, one of my favorite songs. The drummers varied heavily in age and skill level, but everyone had a good time (I think). I noticed that Brandon pointed out signs in the audience, and always told the drummers that they need “a good right foot” to bring home the improvised breakdown singalong part.

With that in mind, Hickok set out to make the perfect sign to catch the band's attention: On one side it read “Drummer” and on the other “Strong Right Foot”.

Scott Hickok, Facebook
Scott Hickok, Facebook

And it worked!

Scott says,

Around 11 songs into the set, the house lights came on, and Brandon Flowers saw my sign and we locked eyes for a second. I told Amy I THINK HE SAW MY SIGN. Within 10 seconds, I saw him talking to Ted the guitarist and Ronnie the drummer. THEN I heard Ted start the “Reasons” riff and I started jumping up and down like an idiot with my 11x17 packing tape-coated sign.


It gets a little fuzzy, but the next thing I know I’m high-fiving people on my way to the front of the room, climbing over the barrier with help from security staff and am escorted to side stage for an introduction to Brandon.

So how did it go?? See for yourself in the video of Scott's performance with The Killers below!

Scott says of the experience,

I played the song as true to the live-version as well as I could, singing along and having a blast...It was an amazing time, a dream-come-true, a pure bucket-list moment.

He tells Grand Rapids Magazine,

I was told I nailed it. I caught all the intricacies of the live version of the song. I’m very pleased with how I played.

Want to see Scott in action in person? He's in a band called Moto that will be playing an afternoon show at Turnstiles Oct. 30th!

Here's another video of "Scotty Rock's" performance with The Killers!

Scott also grabbed a pic of the setlist-

Scott Hickok, Facebook
Scott Hickok, Facebook

and a selfie with Brandon Flowers!

Scott Hickok, Facebook
Scott Hickok, Facebook

Way to go, Scott! So very cool!

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