West Michigan has had a lot of great restaurants over the years and still does. Here are the closed restaurants people miss the most.

West Michigan Restaurants

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I have lived in West Michigan for 6.5 years and learned that there are lots of great restaurants. Another thing I have learned is that a ton of great restaurants open but sadly a ton close each year since moving to this side of the state.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants temporarily closed could never open their doors again. The restaurant business is tough no matter what the economy is like or how great the food is to turn a profit. Sadly, some great restaurants have closed over the years but many in West Michigan still miss them.

West Michigan's Favorite Restaurants That Are Closed


When I first moved to West Michigan, I was taken to Judson Steakhouse, located in the B.O.B. building in downtown Grand Rapids. I ate there a few times; it was one of the best dining experiences ever and I am bummed they are no longer with us. Below are restaurants others in West Michigan miss that are now closed:

  • Dallas Deli - Wyoming
  • Marie Catrib's - Grand Rapids
  • Ming 10 - Grand Rapids
  • Mr. Fabels - Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids
  • Red Lion - Grand Rapids
  • Hot N Now - Grandville
  • Get Em and Go - Jenison
  • Little Mexico - Grand Rapids
  • Judson Steakhouse - Grand Rapids
  • Kahunaville - Rivertown Mall, Grandville
  • Ole Tacos - Grand Rapids
  • Red Hot Inn - Grand Rapids
  • The Clock - on Alpine in Grand Rapids
  • Tillmans - Grand Rapids
  • J. Gardellas - Grand Rapids
  • Bill Knapps - Grand Rapids
  • Hong Kong Express - Grand Rapids
  • Ponderosa - Grand Rapids
  • Mr. Gyros - Walker
  • El Sombrero - Grand Rapids
  • Joe Babushka's - Grand Rapids
  • Cherry Deli - Grand Rapids
  • Bartertown Diner - Grand Rapids
  • Quiznos - Grand Rapids
  • Holly By Gollys - Grand Rapids
  • Granny's Kitchen - Grand Rapids
  • Yen Ching Roaring 20s - Grand Rapids

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  • Wing On Lau - Grand Rapids
  • Marcona on Lyon - Grand Rapids
  • Bennigans - Grand Rapids
  • Bobby Q's - Grandville
  • Gibson's - Grand Rapids
  • Pour Arthurs - Wyoming
  • The Filling Station - Comstock Park
  • Taqueria San Jose - Grand Rapids
  • Flip's Cafe - Grand Rapids
  • Alma Latina Bar - Grand Rapids
  • Mountain Jack's - Kentwood
  • The Crooked Goose - Grand Rapids
  • Menna's Joint - Grand Rapids
  • Skywalk Family Deli - Grand Rapids
  • Don Pablo's - Grand Rapids
  • Fingers Restaurant - Grand Rapids
  • Sweetie Thai - Wyoming
  • Legend Grill West - Grand Rapids
  • DiPiazza's - Grand Rapids
  • Philly Steak and Cheese Express - Grand Rapids
  • Two Choppers - Grand Rapids
  • Sizzler's - Grand Rapids
  • Fuddruckers - Grand Rapids
  • Max and Erma's - Grand Rapids
  • Mr. Steak - Grand Rapids
  • Brick Road Pizza - Grand Rapids
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After sifting through a post on the Grand Rapids Reddit page, those restaurants people of West Michigan said they missed the most. Mr. Fables and Red Hot Inn were the two that were mentioned the most.

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