A man on Reddit is feeling uneasy and confused after a woman he is dating asked to bring her girlfriend out with them next time.

"A few days ago I went on a date with this girl. It went okay and she said a few times at the end (and the day after) that we should go out again," he wrote.

"She even insisted on paying and said, 'You'll get it next time,' so I guess she really genuinely wants to go out again," he continued, adding he was a little wary about why she "insisted on paying the whole bill."

"But one thing really imprinted on me and I can't stop thinking about it. At the end of the date she hugged me and as we were going apart she casually asked if she could bring a (female) friend next time. Not thinking about what she said I was like, 'Yeah, sure,'" he explained.

"I don't know why I said it because I'd really like just the two of us to go out. Few minutes later she texted me and we are still texting and she didn't bring it up anymore," the man shared.

Now, he's wondering if this is a "bad sign."

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In the comments, Reddit users urged him to openly communicate with the woman.

"The way to handle this is when or if you set up another time to meet just ask her: Is this a date or a friend hang? Tell her you are asking for clarity because she mentioned wanting to bring a friend along," one person advised.

"Just communicate, it's way too early to assume man. Ask, 'Hey, I just wanted to make sure we're on the same page ... can you let me know the reason you want to bring your friend along? Just not sure whether it's implied that I should bring a friend along as well for a double date situation or what the context is,'" another chimed in.

"You could ask her ... There could be a lot of different reasons. Best case she likes you enough to want you to meet her friend. Worst case she just wants to get a free meal out of you for the both of them," someone else commented.

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