We've always heard that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. It doesn't matter if it's a calorie from bread, candy, coffee, or a salad. Whether you're on a weight loss journey, a healthier eating journey, or not any particular journey involving food at all, knowing what you're putting into your body has always been something we should be aware of.

Yes, mathematically all calories are equal and yes according to the Mind Food website, each calorie is a measure of energy. However, it's quite obvious that eating 100 calories worth of gummy bears is not the same as eating 100 calories worth of apples in terms of the health aspects for your body, yet if you're counting calories, both are equivalent.

But what about 100 liquid calories versus 100 solid calories?

According to the Race Safe website, liquid calories leave your body more quickly than solid calories which is why you burn more calories in a day when those calories involve liquids. Liquids are often the easiest place to start with calorie reduction according to Race Safe even while counting calories.

Whether it's unhealthy calories from a soda or a sugary drink or calories from iced tea or a low-calorie beverage, liquid calories leave your body at the same rate. However, there's a catch to this liquid versus solid calorie intake.

According to the Lovelace website, while liquid calories are easier into the body and quicker out of the body they are considered hidden calories if you're not paying attention. Liquid calories will not fill you up the same. This means you may feel hungry more often and subsequently eat more than normal leading to unexpected weight gain unless you're actively counting your calories and sticking to your daily goal.

As always, whatever journey you're on, consulting a doctor or nutritionist for safety beyond googling info and reading various articles is always the best way to go before you start any journey involving your weight or altering your eating habits.

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