There is still some work to be done, including a vote on Wednesday, but it appears NHL hockey is set to return after a lengthy labor dispute.

Will you be watching?

Players and owners seemed to be far from an agreement until a marathon negotiating session ended early Sunday morning with the framework of an agreement. reports:

The National Hockey League and the NHL Players' Association struck a tentative agreement early Sunday that may end a three-month lockout of unionized players, league and union officials announced.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said the "basic framework" of a deal had been agreed upon after a 16-hour negotiating session at a Manhattan hotel. The details must be approved by both the players and the league's governing board, Bettman told reporters in a predawn news conference, and he said it was too early to provide details about what it might mean for a shortened hockey season.

The deal still needs to be finalized, but both sides seem ready to move forward.  It appears NHL hockey is set to return.  Will you?