It seems every few months we hear reports of a bear sighting in West Michigan.

Black bear sightings aren't entirely rare in West Michigan, yet they are worth noting.

On Thursday, a black bear was seen in multiple locations around Jenison.

In May, a black bear was seen in Muskegon.

In 2011, a black bear was hit by a car on I-96 in Grand Rapids. reports on the bear sightings in Jenison:

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department is warning people about a black bear sighting in Georgetown Township.

Authorities say they received 4 credible calls of a sighting early Thursday afternoon in the Wallingwood Springs neighborhood and the Wallingwood golf course off Cottonwood Drive near Baldwin Street.

Authorities say the bear did not display a threatening behavior.  They are reminding people to stay away from the bear and say they should not feed it.

A news station recently did a segment on what to do if you encounter a bear.  It's possibly more entertaining than it is educational, but still worth checking out.

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