It's almost surprising at this point that there has not been a 'Back to the Future' reboot or sequel. When you look back at the popular and successful properties of the 80s, there are few that haven't been modernized. Sony is practically falling all over themselves to get a new 'Ghostbusters' in theaters. This year alone saw new 'RoboCop,' 'Muppets,' 'Ninja Turtles,' 'Jump Street' and 'Transformers' movies. But, despite the frequency of these remakes, it doesn't look like you'll ever see a new 'Back to the Future' movie. And, that's a pretty great thing.

'Back to the Future' writer and producer Bob Gale spoke to Yahoo! about the possibility of rebooting the franchise for a modern audience by and he dropped some truth bombs.

Let’s face it, we’ve seen a lot of sequels that are made years and years later and I don’t think I can name one that’s any good [or] that lives up to the originals. I don’t think you can recapture it.

Of the ones we mentioned above, only the 'Jump Street' movies have been any good and those were based off a TV series (and frankly, didn't have a very high mark to improve upon). He's right though: it almost never works out, and it's certainly not worth the risk. People think they want to see a new 'Indiana Jones' movie, but then they get a new 'Indiana Jones' movie and realize they really didn't want that at all. They wanted to relive the experience of seeing the first one again, but nothing will be like seeing 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' or 'Back to the Future' again.

Gale upped the ante later in the interview, saying that not only will there never be a sequel or remake or reboot or prequel or sidequel to 'Back to the Future' but they have no re-release plans either.

We’re not going to do Director’s Cuts or make a 3D version or change the special effects. People love them the way they are, we think they’re really good. Let’s not mess with it.


They are working on a 'Back to the Future' musical, but Gale even admits, "We’re not going to put it out there until we absolutely love it ourselves." That had been scheduled to debut in 2015, but has already been pushed back as they continue to get it right.

The 'Back to the Future' reboot opens in theaters never.

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