ArtPrize is over and with it goes most of the entries we have enjoyed over the last few weeks.  But there's one part of ArtPrize that will stick around for us to enjoy in the months to come...the music.

Music's role in ArtPrize has grown slowly since the first year.  Five $2,000 prizes were given out this year to musicians.  One of those winners was The Crane Wives.

The Crane Wives are drawing huge crowds and great reviews.  They have a new album and their popularity continues to grow.

If you are going through ArtPrize withdrawal, now is the perfect time to enjoy a part of ArtPrize you may have missed.  The music of The Crane Wives.

The Crane Wives received $2,000 by winning the category of Folk/Country at ArtPrize 2012.  Their entry "Easier" took home the prize.  Listen to the winners of all five categories here.

The Cranes Wives win at ArtPrize was no surprise.  Their harmonies and songwriting are as good as it gets.  Their popularity has been proven as they continue to sell-out venues and play at some of Michigan's biggest music festivals.  The Crane Wives have played:

  • Electric Forest in Rothbury and Wheatland Music Festival in Remus.  Both are annual weekend-long music festivals that draw thousands.
  • The best concert venue West Michigan:  Frederik Meijer Gardens.
  • Many free community concert events:  Holland Summer Concert Series, Fennville Tuesdays in the Park, Lowell Summer Concert Series, and more.
  • All of the best breweries: Founders, Bell's, New Holland, and many more.

...and they've only been together two years.

The Crane Wives released their second album, "The Fool In Her Wedding Gown", in September.  I bought a copy from Crane Wives' bassist Ben Zito after a show in Grand Rapids.

I told Ben I'm a big fan and that my kids are too.  The first thing he did was think of the kids and warn me that there are two "bad" words on the album to watch out for.  Thanks Ben.  Someday my kids will learn those words, but it won't be from The Crane Wives.

Their first album, "Safe Ship, Harbored", is a must-listen for any local music fan.

It seems every music magazine and critic in West Michigan has nothing but positive reviews for The Crane Wives.  It's only a matter of time before the positive reviews and popularity spread further across the country.

Whether you are a casual local music fan or just learning about The Crane Wives due to their ArtPrize success, do yourself a favor and take a listen to this rising local band.

Learn more about The Crane Wives and see where they are playing next.