Family Christmas just this past weekend. My uncle was explaining that his adult kids were attending a Christmas party at one of their friend's homes, who has a 2 year old. "I gave her the best present," he boasted. Something he referred to as "big popper" and sounded like every mother's worst nightmare, but made the little girl crazy with glee. So what are the presents parents really would rather you didn't give their kids? The has the scoop:

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking -- it’s the season of giving, not receiving; we should all be grateful for the presents we get; it’s the thought that counts…yada yada yada. And while yes, all this is certainly true, come on -- everyone can relate to those certain presents that after received for THE MILLIONTH TIME can’t help but get under your skin a little. (Right?) And when it comes to baby gifts, every parent has at least a few on their mental list of things they pray no one will give their kid this year. Wondering if your gift is on the list? Read on.

1. Un-funny onesies

"I can't stand getting clothes that say "Mommy's/Daddy's Li'l ______ [throw in some word...all-star, hero,]" -- KMS416

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