You've heard people joke, "I just look at bowl of ice cream/ basket of french fries/ slice of pizza (insert whatever delicious food here) and I gain 5 pounds!" Turns out, it's no joke. A recent study done by the Endocrine Society of Houston has found that even just looking at photos of rich, tasty foods could lead to weight gain. What a bummer, right?

The study took a look a 13 obese women's brains while showing them pictures of food. They found that just looking at food images stimulated the appetite and reward centers of the brain, making the viewer hungry. And the higher the calorie count on the food, the greater the desire to eat.

Now this doesn't mean you will instantly pack on pounds if you see a pic of juicy hamburger, but it does mean that you could feel a grumble in your belly that you might not have otherwise.

Darn. Like it isn't hard enough to avoid the food itself, now you have to have to ignore images of food too?

It does kind of make sense though-- anyone else get unspeakably hungry when watching cooking shows?