It's the YASSOU! Greek Festival this weekend in Grand Rapids!

Yassou! is an event celebrating the culture and traditions of the Greek Orthodox people.  Music, dances, gifts ... and food!

Music!  Live Greek Music Provided by The Levendes, who started as kids in 1975 and have been together for 25 years giving each member of the Levendes an average of 23 years stage experience.  They started playing weddings, festivals and dances and have performed for countless audiences across the U.S. and Canada.

Food!  Food items are available as complete meals or a la carte.  Prices range from $5 for most a la carte items to $14 for most complete meals.

Beer!  As part of our commitment to our heritage and our local community, you will find that we are primarily offering beers and wines that are either from Greece or Michigan.

Volunteer! Click here for info.

Where's it at?  Click here for directions.