Here's a dilemma we'd all love to have.

If you left college early for a huge payday, would you return for your final year of school to earn your degree?

It's a decision very few of us will ever have.  Similar to the "would you quit your job if you won the lottery?" question, but a few do have to decide.

Earlier this month, former University of Michigan basketball player Tim Hardaway Jr. signed a $6.1 million contract to play for the New York Knicks.  He left school a year early to turn pro, but says he will return for his final year of school to earn his degree.

The total money involved and the time left in school could vary, but what would you do in Hardaway Jr.'s situation?

With less than a year to go I would consider returning.  The terms of the contract, total amount and whether the money is guaranteed or not, would have to be considered too.

Would I return if I had 3 years of school left and a guaranteed $20 million contract?  No.

Or to put it another way, no way.

What would you do?

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