Asian carp are in the news again.  That's not a good thing.

DNA from Asian carp has been found in Lake Erie.  Officials say that Lake Erie could suffer the most damage of any of the Great Lakes from Asian carp.

There are many ways to try to control the invasive species.  Some people have a very simple them.

Would you eat Asian carp?

At Taste of Chicago last weekend Asian carp was on the menu.  It's been on the menu in West Michigan before too.  In 2010, San Chez offered Asian carp for one day to raise awareness of the threat they pose to the Great Lakes.

Those who have tried say it's good, but it's mostly bones.  WZZM reports:

The chef's at San Chez say part of the problem is that Asian carp are full of bones.  By the time the chef's filet them, there's not much to eat.  "The whole fish might be 25 pounds.  And we're yielding about a half pound of usable product out of each fish," says Sous Chef, Daryl Rector.

It's getting good reviews, so why not?  I'd give it a try.  Just keep the malt vinegar handy.