Under the category of "you can't make this stuff up," comes this gem from Arizona.

A woman got upset with her husband for not voting.  She blamed him for Obama winning a second term and believed their family would suffer hardship because of it.  And this wasn't just a heated argument; she decided to run over her husband with a car.

You can't make this stuff up!  From the Phoenix New Times:

In an e-mail to media, Gilbert police Sergeant Jesse Sanger says the argument started in a parking lot Saturday morning over Daniel Solomon's lack of voter participation.

Witnesses told police that there was a lot of yelling before Holly Solomon hopped in her Jeep, and started chasing her husband around the parking lot.

Her husband tried to use a light pole to shield himself, and Solomon drove around the light pole several times as she continued to yell at him.

Eventually, her husband made a run for it, but Solomon hit him, pinning him under the car and on a curb, according to police.

The husband is currently in critical condition at a Phoenix-area hospital.  The crazy woman is in jail facing domestic violence and aggravated assault charges.   And, no, she wasn't impaired at the time.

Ahhh, politics.