So my mom and I get into a discussion about this on the way into work this morning.  A woman donates a kidney to her boss, it moves the boss up on the donation list, and then the boss fires her. This was the Hot Topic on The View, and it was also the Hot Topic on The Talk.  You couldn't turn on a news station yesterday without hearing about it so I want to know what you think?  Would you ever consider giving a kidney or anything else of value to your boss, a co-worker, a family member, a friend or a stranger?  Where do you draw the line?

My mom thinks it was terrible that this woman gave her kidney to her boss who then proceeded to fire her, pretty much everyone else I heard talking about this felt the same way.  So again, I guess I am in the minority here.  My thoughts on this are, "Why would you ever assume that someone you work for cares about you like that?"  Why?  Family is family and work is work and friends are friends and strangers are strangers.  You'd be better off donating your kidney to a stranger, that you will never see again!  There isn't that I owe you, you owe me thing that comes into play with so many people.    Donating a kidney or any other body organ is serious business, but it is a donation.  Look up the definition of the word "donation."  Never mind, I'll save you the time.

A donation is this, ie: Donations are given without return consideration. This lack of return consideration means that, in common law, an agreement to make a donation is a contract void for want of consideration."  The definition in a thesaurus (words that mean the same thing), equate a donation as a "gift" ie:  Something acquired without compensation.  So when you give or donate something it doesn't matter what happens after that, it was given and donated.  So in the literal sense the boss did absolutely nothing wrong.  I blame the woman for believing that an employer/employee relationship has equal value to something as important as a kidney.  Body part donations wouldn't work in some families too, the ones who guilt other family members out.  It wouldn't work for some friendships, where guilt is played out as a control factor.  Seriously, the best kind of donation would be to a stranger you never see again.  You make the donation and hope and pray they do good with it and have a beautiful life.

I'd love to hear what the former wife of comedienne George Lopez thinks about this.  She donated a kidney to him, it saved his life, however he did divorce her 5 years later after allegedly cheating on her with another woman.

I feel very similar to the way that Oprah Winfrey feels about "lending money."  She said she never lends money anymore, she just gives it, because there can be bad blood when people say they will repay you and then just never do.  She said it's better to just give it and forget it.  Now if you want to talk "ethics", that's another story.  So I'm curious, who would you give a body organ to?  Is there anyone?  Would you expect anything in return?