There are many creative ways to announce to the world that you have a baby on the way.

One woman's announcement, with a little help from Will Smith, will be hard to top.

My wife and I simply told people we were having a baby for our first child.

For our second, we had our first-born wear a "I'm The Big Sister" shirt to share the news.

By our third, we were already out of ideas.

Emily, seen in the picture below, has managed to announce her news to most of the world. Her picture with Will Smith has had millions of views. It has also received national coverage from the Today Show, E, Huffington Post, and more.

The picture was originally posted by a friend on Reddit, then it's popularity grew from there.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the start of a trend with more celebrity pregnancy announcement photos to come.

How did you announce to friends and family that you had a baby on the way?

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